Fed up of taking countless vitamin and mineral tablets? Daily Dose is 100% vegan and contains 100% of your daily vitamin C, E, B12, Biotin and Niacin goals all in one delicious drink.

A drink your hair, skin, nails & body will thank you for!

OK, tell me more...

Our range of Daily Dose drinks pack a nutritious punch:

> Contains 100% of your daily Vitamins B6 & B12 which can help to reduce fatigue, to keep you going all day long!

> Contains 100% of your daily Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that can help improve your immune function.

> Includes 100% of your daily Biotin and Niacin to contribute to the maintenance of healthy hair and skin. Giving you a glow all day long!

> Includes folate which contributes to maintaining normal immune function.


"The easiest way to get in your vitamins. It tastes absolutely delicious! My hair feels softer and my skin is glowing!"

Available in 3 amazing flavours!

Will you choose our most popular Peach Iced Tea or pretend you're on holiday with Pina Colada? Or if you're looking to hit that sweet spot, then our Pink Lemonade will be your best friend!