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Try A Workout From The Gracefit X Shreddy Guide

To celebrate Black Friday, we've launched the original GraceFit Guides on SHREDDY.

They're the first workouts we ever did, back in 2k16 and we've brought them back out of the archives because they're too good NOT to share.

Want to build muscle, tone up and get fitter? These are the workouts for you.



A lower body session targetting your glutes and quads. This workout is a mix of heavier compound lifts and high rep burnout sets.

Total time: 60 minutes

Workout type: Gym


Your workout


Perform 15 reps of each exercise and cycle through twice.

Extended clams  15  15

Short band crab walks  15  15

Banded tempo squats  15  15


Superset 1

Perform 12 reps of each exercise and cycle through three times. Rest for 90 seconds.

Banded leg press  12  12  12

Bodyweight heels elevated squat  12  12  12


Superset 2

Perform prescribed reps of each and cycle through three times. Rest for 90 seconds.

Barbell back squat  8  8  8

Short band glute bridge  15  15  15


Superset 3

Perform prescribed reps of each exercise and cycle through three times. Rest for 90 seconds. 

Barbell hip thrust  15  10  8

Increase weight each round

Bodyweight heels elevated squat  15  15  15



Perform 20 reps of each exercise and cycle through three times without stopping.

Kettlebell swings  20  20  20

Banded squat jumps  20  20  20



Pigeon stretch  40 secs each side  

Hamstring stretch  40 secs each side  

Quad stretch  40 secs each side  


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