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Shake it up with our SHREDDY Shaker. Our Shakers offer a simple solution to mixing your supplements. Get your protein fix on the go with these stainless steel shakers. They come fully equipped with a metal spiral mixer and double wall insulation which can hold up to 750ml of hot OR cold beverages!

This is important: Hand wash only!

To mix, secure the screw top lid and shake thoroughly to ensure all powder has dissolved properly and pop open the nozzle lid to enjoy!

Packed in a recycled card box, which is also 100% recyclable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love this shaker

It’s really high quality and the perfect size


It leaks

Nice design and reasonably priced but nothing special

Pros: looks good, feels nice in the hand, seems to mix well even without using the mixer ball (which I don’t like using it I can avoid it as it’s just noisy, especially in a metal shaker), reasonably priced, feels well made and should hopefully last a long time
Cons/could be better: main issue is a personal one as the text is not pink like in the photo which was a big selling point so that’s slightly annoying, the filter/cycloney bit in the lid can’t be removed which can make cleaning a little more difficult if you don’t rinse it straight away, it’s too big for the cup holders on my car, it’s quite easy to accidentally not close the lid properly, no markings on the inside for volume

(Note- I haven’t used this for anything hot yet so can’t comment on that)

Overall it’s OK, looks good, and is well priced for a metal shaker, but some cheaper plastic shakers may actually be more functional. If you like how it looks and that’s important then I’m sure you’ll like it, it just depends what you’re after from a shaker.