Introducing: SHREDDY BCAA

Introducing: SHREDDY BCAA

Let's start with the basics

To understand the role of BCAA’s, we need to look at the bigger picture - what is a supplement and why do we use them?

Dietary supplements are products that add nutrients or other compounds to the body. This can range from vitamins and minerals to probiotics, antioxidants and larger nutrients such as protein. Supplements can help fill in those dietary gaps where you might be lacking, or need a little top-up.

Science lesson incoming …

We have something called ‘amino acids’ (think of them as the building blocks of protein, very important!). There are 20 amino acids, of which 9 are called ‘essential amino acids’, or EAA’s for short. The body can’t make these itself - we as humans, have to provide the goods through our diet. 

Stay with us… we’re nearly there 


Of these 9 EAA’s, we have 3 BCAAs. This stands for ‘branched chained amino acids’. This powerful trio are made from leucine, isoleucine and valine and are particularly important for building muscle mass. 

The Benefits

It’s all about the muscles baby! Studies have shown that BCAAs can support and increase protein synthesis (in other words, the process your body goes through to build muscle) when paired with strength training. 

Research has also shown that BCAA’s could help fight exercise fatigue and sustain energy levels during your workout. Of course, there are lots of factors involved in this - intensity, duration, your lifestyle - but BCAAs may give you that added boost by helping to restore tryptophan to your brain (tryptophan and the molecules it produces can affect functions such as sleep and mood!)

Anyone else can’t move after leg day (love/hate right?!)? This is because of ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’, AKA DOMS. BCAA’s may support the body's recovery period, meaning you can be back in the gym before you know it! 

And last but not least, BCAA’s can help prevent muscle breakdown. The proteins in our muscles are in a constant state of breaking down and then rebuilding (remember protein synthesis!). This balance is what decides the amount of protein in our muscles. Whilst the general population consumes enough protein, BCAA’s may help certain populations avoid muscle wasting. 

How to consume

The reason BCAA’s are so loved is because of their convenience. Our SHREDDY BCAA’s are easy to digest, meaning they can get to work quickly and effectively! To make the most of their benefits, consume before or during your workout (they’re also pretty perfect for keeping you hydrated during that last set). 

Oh, and let's not forget, they taste pretty good too.

Remember, a well-rounded diet should always be the priority - BCAA’s are a supplement to your diet and training, not a replacement!

SHREDDY BCAAs are now available on Protein Package

BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) really became a must-have health supplement around 2010 with it now regularly being paired with pre-workouts and protein powders to help reach your full performance potential. Not only are the essential amino acids scientifically proven to curb fatigue during physical exercise but they also promote maximum muscle synthesis for your body with just a single dose between 8 to 12 grams. We’ve found that our customers report supplementing with amino acids doesn’t just assist with their endurance workouts or sports activities but it genuinely improves their mental focus and alertness during the workday. We highly recommend SHREDDY’s BCAA mixture with the Tropical Punch being my personal favourite flavour.” (Sophie Edwards, Customer Experience Manager at Protein Package).