4 Reasons Sliders Will Be Your New Fav Piece of Workout Kit

4 Reasons Sliders Will Be Your New Fav Piece of Workout Kit

If you’re looking for a small way to add a big impact to your gym routine, SHREDDY Sliders could be just the thing. Place each foot onto one of our two, 18cm, high-density foam Sliders before taking on your favourite bodyweight core or booty floor exercises to discover a new level of workout 💪

Here are 4 ways these Sliders are going to shake up your next workout 💦

Improve your balance

You work with weights and eat protein all in an effort to build beautiful, strong muscles, but how much focus do you put on improving your balance? Balance is a key element of a strong musculoskeletal system, and it’s involved in all kinds of physical activities.

Working out with Sliders creates an unstable surface between your feet, which causes your muscles, especially those in your core and legs, to become engaged to keep your body stable. These are the same muscles that are involved in maintaining balance and stability in other activities, like running and yoga, and are important parts of having proper form while working with weights.

Two little discs improving your performance in all of those other movements! That’s what we mean when we say these Sliders are a small way to add a big impact 🚀

Add strength

Balance is important to your body’s overall health, but we bet you’re working out to build muscle, too. Don’t worry, Sliders are here for that too 🙌

Bodyweight workouts are a great way to add muscle to your body, and some of the most accessible as well as they don’t require bulky equipment or expensive gym memberships. And when you add Sliders to the mix, some of your favourite core and leg bodyweight workouts get even more challenging, and build EVEN MORE muscle.

Use them to turn up the heat on planks, lunges, mountain climbers and more 🔥

Workout anywhere

No matter where you workout  — at home, at the gym, in the park, at a friends’ place, or anywhere else — SHREDDY Sliders can go with you. They are extremely portable, and even come with their own carrying case, so you can throw them in your purse or gym bag 💁‍♀️

Plus, they’re made of high-density foam and ABS material, which allows them to work on all kinds of surfaces and floor types, so you can even slide on your carpet! (No excuses here team!)

Workout while travelling

As easy as it is to bring Sliders with you to the gym, it’s equally easy to toss them in your luggage as you head out on your next holiday. Whether you’re travelling for work, visiting family, or heading to the beach with your mates, Sliders are a great way to make sure you’ll never have to go without a workout just because you’re in a different place.

With so many reasons to love SHREDDY Sliders, it’s no wonder they sell out so often!

However, if you’ve been looking to pick up a pair, now is the perfect time! Shop below to pick up one of our best and most versatile bits of kit ✌️

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